In this course you will explore methods of critical thinking that will enable you to solve problems and implement effective processes across systems and stakeholders. You will also discover the importance of encouraging and supporting innovation, as well as environmental scanning for trends and tools that will shape the system and improve health service delivery.

This course is also part of the LEADS Inspired Leadership Program.

The course includes the following four Systems Transformation capabilities:

Demonstrate systems and critical thinking: You think analytically and conceptually, questioning and challenging the status quo to identify issues, solve problems, design, and implement effective processes across systems and stakeholders.

Champion and orchestrate change: You actively contribute to change processes that improve health service delivery.

Orient themselves strategically to the future: You scan the environment for ideas, best practices, and emerging trends that will shape the system.

Encourage and support innovation: You create a climate of continuous improvement and creativity aimed at systemic change.

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Systems Transformation Domain - Nadine Whelan
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