The Pathophysiology for the Health Sciences course provides a thorough overview of the concepts of disease processes. Students will learn about a broad spectrum of diseases, from a systems perspective.

This course is designed for anyone wishing to gain a comprehensive understanding of human pathophysiology – the study of disease - and those wishing to enter fields related to healthcare or health information. This course is eligible for exemption for those accepted to CHA Learning’s Health Information Management (HIM) program.

This course is appropriate for those requiring a minimum Grade 12 science credit for entry into the Health Information Management Program.

CHA Learning suggests taking Anatomy & Physiology prior to or at the same time as the Pathophysiology course. This is not mandatory, but recommended. This course can also be taken at the same time as Medical Terminology

If you have been accepted to the Health Information Management Program, please do not enrol in this course version. Please refer to your acceptance letter for the correct course enrolment instructions. If you are unsure, please contact us


There is a required textbook for this course. It is the responsibility of the student to acquire this book independently, prior to beginning the course:

Book Title: Pathophysiology for the Health Professions, 6th Edition (2018) authored by Hubert, R.J. & VanMeter, K.C.

The following ISBNs are associated with this title:

Paperback: 9780323414425

eBook: 9780323414418

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Pathophysiology - Gillian Martin
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